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Wli Waterfall

Grown-ups and kids alike enjoy the Wli Waterfall within easy walking distance of our lodge. On the way, the guide will introduce you to the many species of wild flora and fauna.

Discover exotic butterflies and flying dogs. Sit down on bamboo benches in the forest to take a rest.

A dip in the pool or showering at the foot of the water fall provides a refreshing break especially on hot days.

Getting to the upper cascades requires appropriate shoes and some stamina. The hike takes about four hours.

Early afternoon sunshine provides the best lighting conditions for taking beautiful pictures.

The village: Wli

About 2000 people live in the twin villages of Wli-Agerviefe and Wli-Afegame.
The inhabitants, who belong to the Ewe ethnic group, live mainly from farming.

In the village you'll find seven churches of different denominations, typical African restaurants, and many bars. Wednesday is market day.

You can also attend drumming and dancing courses right in the vicinity.



The village of Afegame is situated directly on the trail to the water fall.

We invite you to spend here in Wli-Afegame some holidays at our lodge for
relaxing and hiking.