Ghana, Waterfall Lodge at Wli

Our recommendation for your excursions

Remark: The distance between points of interest and our guesthouse Waterfall Lodge at Wli lodge is shown in brackets.

Höhle Likpe Todome Caves (8 km north)

20 metres below surface are the caves Likpe Todome, that served as a hideout during the war. The six caves are accessible separately.

The circular route takes 3 hours. You have a nice view from here.

Mount Afadjato and Tagbo Falls (14 km south)

Starting at Liati Woti you walk about two hours to the Mount Afadjato, the highest summit of Ghana  with 885 meters.
Strictly guided tour. 
You enjoy the beautiful view to the Lake Volta if the weather is fine.
Afterwards you can tour through the tropical forest to reach the waterfall (about 1,5 hours)

Mountain village Wli Todgie, 700 meters elevation (two hours walk south east)

At your walk through the beautiful tropical forest you pass the small spring along the corn fields. There is a great view to the plain of Hohoe The village Wli Todgie willcomes you as a guest. You have the possibility to stay overnight (homestay) or walk along the plain to Togo. 

Monkey reservation in Tafi-Atoma (52 km south)

The village lives with the monkeys. In the morning or at the evening you can participate at a guided tour through "Monkey Sanctuary". Pure nature. This is an experience for young and old.

Day trip to the Lake of Volta by car

We recommend a tour starting at Wli via Hohoe to Kpandu.
In Kpandu Fesi you can take a look at the pottery and visit afterwards the harbour of Torkor. There is the possibility to participate in a 1- or 2-hours trip with the canoe at the Lake of Volta. The way back leads you from Torkor via Kpandu to Tafi-Atome and to Monkey Sanctuary. Nearby is the village Tafi-Abuife. Back to Wli it is a 50 kilometre ride.

Mole Nationalpark in northern Ghana

Open all-season. The best time to go on a hike is the dry season between November and March.
We recommend a two-days tour and stay overnight in the hotel upon arrival. The guided tour starts early in the morning.
An unforgettable experience for all friends of African nature and animals. Elephants, crocodiles, monkeys, antelopes and wild pigs may cross your path.