Ghana, Waterfall Lodge at Wli

How to find us

In Accra take the direction to Akosombo until the bridge in Atimpoku (90 km).
After the bridge turn right. Follow  the road to Asikuma (26 km).
In Akikuma pass the Douane Barriere and turn left to Hohoe (100 km).
In Hohoe pass right the Bank of Ghana and follow the street 1100 metres until the sign "Agumatsa Fall". Go right until the T-cross in Likpe Bakwa (12 km). Turn right.
After 6 kilometre there is the village Wli.
Turn right in the village Wli-Afegame and follow the sign to the Waterfall Wli at Lodge (approximately 350 meter). 

Waterfall Lodge at Wli: N 0706.929', E 00035.297'
Waterfall Lodge at Wli: 7.114724,0.592461
Torkor (bei Kpandu): 7.026139,0.239525

Hohoe (Distance approximately 17 km)

Every Monday and Friday is market day in Hohoe. The village with round about 35000 inhabitants has a special atmosphere full of contrasts - antique and modern Africa at once.

Ho (Distance approximately 120 km)

The capital city of the Volta region has about 60000 inhabitants. It is 120 km far from Wli. Ewe is the language that is mainly spoken here. Ho has been part of the colony Togoland, was occupied by Great Britain during the war and was the main city of British-Togoland.

Accra (Distance approx. 235 km)

Accra, the capital city of Ghana, is the largest city in Ghana with a population of over two million people. The city is the administrative and economic centre of the country.
In Accra there is the National Museum, the National Cultural Centre, the University of Ghana, the national archives and the central library of Ghana.